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Marcom has announced plans for 2021


Marcom, a marketing and communications company specializing in marketing services for local market participants, has announced their plans for next year.

Jeyhun Farzaliyev, CEO said 2020 was a productive year for the company.

“This year, as every year, we at Marcom, continued to work on raising awareness of local market participants. Through a complimentary advisory service, we have educated entrepreneurs who want to benefit from marketing services concerning the risks they may face and have also tried to safeguard them from companies or individuals offering non-professional marketing services. Since this is the company's long-term strategy, we plan to continue working in this direction. Despite the severe economic downturn in the world due to the pandemic, we continue to serve local market participants. Marketing, content marketing, medical marketing and outsourcing services, which we formed in 2017 as part of the company's crisis communications plan, have become one of the most ordered services on the market this year"

Jeyhun Farzaliyev said that next year they will launch new services.

“We constantly study market trends and try to adapt our services to the needs of local market participants. Next year we will continue this tradition and offer new services to the market. The services we provide cover both digital and offline marketing. The new services will increase brand value and sales volume of companies."

He also noted that they will sign important strategic partnerships with many companies next year.

“We are currently discussing our strategic partnership opportunities with four companies. This includes both local and foreign companies. I think that cooperation with these companies will open up new directions in marketing for local market participants."

The CEO said the company will also launch a new and more functional website next year.

“The pandemic has formed new habits among people. We also analyzed these habits throughout the year and decided to apply them on our new website. Users will see a new interface on the site with many automated services. The new site's functions will gradually be introduced.  Currently, the site is under construction."

Next year, the company will pay more attention to the Georgian market and the fields of law, education, agriculture, construction, tourism and information technology in Azerbaijan.

“As Marcom, we have been providing marketing services to companies in the Georgian market for several years. Unfortunately, the pandemic prevented us from working there in full capacity this year. Therefore, if the situation improves next year, we will focus more on Georgia. This year, we will try to support the regions most affected by the pandemic in the local market. Our research shows there are major gaps in the digital transformation of companies in these industries. These gaps will make it difficult for them to keep up with users who have developed new digital habits.”