Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging is considered as the main means of communication between the brand and the customer. The shape of the packaging or the eye-catching design of the label has the ability to directly influence the sale. By looking at the packaging within 5 seconds, the customer shapes his / her perceptions about the quality, features, safety of the product. In such a competitive environment, the brand's reputation is mandatory.

Stages of packaging and labeling design:


Market Analyzing

At this stage, the market and competitors are analyzed based on information available to everyone. Depending on the outcome of the process, design concepts are being formed.



In order to get the outcome of the research and prepare any design sketches, exchange of ideas is realized among participants of project, and various ideas are discussed.



At this stage of packaging or label design, marketer and packaging designers are engaged in researching macro and micro trends, and colors. For example: tea trend, milk trend and so on.


Design concept

After the brainstorming stage, a designer specializing in packaging carries out a visual description of the common ideas gained during the discussion. The sketches prepared on the basis of initial debates are put into discussion again.


Initial Presentation / Adjustments

The initial version based on the discussion is presented to customer. Relevant changes are made to the version submitted on the basis of customer's logical interpretations.


Adaptation to dimensions

Adaptation is carried out according to the number and size of SKU provided after the packaging form or label design, based on customer's logical interpretations.