Marketing Plan

What is Marketing Plan?

Marketing plan - is a roadmap for marketing steps that companies will take over the next year in their sector. Preparation of a marketing plan for the next year is being realized with the support of the company's internal team or Partner Company through evaluating market processes, analyzing the companies in the market and other factors.

Where to start and where to go in developing a marketing plan

A – Company Analyzing

Your company's long and short-term goals;
Mission and vision of your company;
Analysis of existing philosophy and values of your company;
The strengths and weaknesses of your company;
Your company's estimated market share.

B – Customer Analyzing

Estimated number of company's customer;
Demographic indicators of your customer (age, sex, social status);
Values regarding product and service created for customer.

C – Competitors Analyzing

Analysis of competitors’ market shares;
Analysis of your competitors' strengths and weaknesses.

D – PEST analysis of the company

Political and economic analysis of the market;
Analysis of national values;
Technological analysis of the market.


Designing outdoor advertising strategy
Media Planning for TV and Radio ads;
Preparing print materials;
Annual Reports;
Concept of Promo materials;
Photo/Video Shooting.



Web site updates;
SEO Optimization;
Google advertising strategy development;
Social Media Strategy development;
E-mail marketing strategy development;
PR strategy development.