Brand book is a strategic document containing all visual information about the company. This document incorporates the philosophy of the company, its activity way and strategic position in the market. The development of branding allows the company to build structured and systematized data visually on a single line. In addition, the brand book helps the company to demonstrate its integrity in all communication media.

Advantages of brandbook:

It optimizes

Brandbook helps to optimize the budget allocated for marketing, including time spent by the company.

It saves

Brand book helps save energy and time spent on design elements at events organized by the company.

Brendbukun strukturu:

Company philosophy

This part is theoretically considered as the main part of the brand book. In this section, the company reveals its global goals, ideology and mission.


In this section, the company sets out four criteria for positioning in its strategy: functional, social, mental and moral values.


This is a key step in the preparation of the brand book. This stage is dedicated to the general principles of visual communication with the company's customers.

Symbols owned to Company

This stage is a practical part in the preparation of the brand book. This section describes the visual strategy of the company's logo, corporate style, color palette and other graphic elements.

Corporate position

This is an implementation part of the company's visual strategy. This section incorporates the standards of the company in all the outdoor places and electronic carriers (business card, company blank, advertising material, interior, exterior etc.).

Legal side

This part of the brand, along with the name and logo of the company, legally protects its corporate line, patterns, slogan, colors, fonts and other graphic elements.