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Marcom and Baku Disinfection center will work together


Marcom Marketing and Communications, which constantly provides new marketing services to local market participants, will provide marketing support to Bakudez - Baku Disinfection Center.

CEO of the company Jeyhun Farzaliyev said a roadmap for cooperation was presented.

“We highly support the fact that a disinfection company is focusing on marketing during a pandemic. At the initial stage, we determined the prospects for the company's development in the market and prepared a roadmap in this direction. We started with a new visual concept of the company, as the previous corporate line created serious problems in many communications and limited the services of the company. The new logo fully reflects the company's activities. The new logo includes a forward sign, a drop of water, molecules and services. The work on the catalog of services, products and other means of communication for the company has already been completed. In the days to come, we plan on presenting their website in line with their new corporate image. "

Director of Bakudez Joshgun Gurbanov said he highly appreciated the cooperation with Marcom.

“Our company, founded in 2019, initially operated as a disinfection company, but over time began to expand its service and sales capacities. We decided that we needed additional marketing support to meet our clients' requirements and suggestions. We met with many marketing companies, but since Marcom's roadmap was more in line with our strategic targets we chose to cooperate with them. In a short period, Marcom was able to form our work in branding, content marketing, service catalog and other means of communication. Now we are working together to complete the main work in a short time. We are confident that the work done by the company and its recommendations will be useful towards the development of the Bakudez brand."

Marcom plans to launch the company's official website by the end of this year. At the next stage, the parties will start implementing SEO optimization services and other digital marketing tools for indexing the site on Google.